Dr. Melecia Fuentes

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Dr. Melecia Fuentes

Dr. Melecia Fuentes comes from a household where both her mother and father worked in the medical industry for over thirty years, which has influenced Dr. Melecia greatly. She always knew she wanted to be a doctor from a young age. “I had a lot of good people as role models growing up, including my parents and Dr. Robert Keller, who was our family physician and was always really good to me and my family.”

Dr. Melecia laughed as she admitted, “I would always sign my name Melecia Fuentes MD in my classmates yearbook.” Dr. Melecia Fuentes is now a 20 year veteran in the field of family medicine.

Her parents provided guidance, advice and many valuable lessons which have carried over into Dr. Melecia’s career. The biggest lesson learned from her parents in regards to the healthcare field is to always be good to people. She states, “There’s always something else going on beyond what we can see.” This is a message she keeps in mind daily when treating her patients and a reminder of why she feels the desire to always give back to her community.

Dr. Melecia graduated from Ohio State University College Of Medicine and Public Health in 1996 with specialization in family medicine. Being in Ohio was a different experience as Dr. Melecia was born and raised in Weslaco, Texas. She talks about how she enjoyed the seasonal changes as well as being able to meet people from all over the world. After medical school she went on to the UT Health Sciences Center in San Antonio for her residency program. Being that the school was so close to the Air Force base, recruiters would come to talk to students about joining the Air Force. Dr. Melecia decided it would be a great opportunity for her and enlisted as a Captain.
Dr. Melecia was stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport Louisiana, entering as a physician Captain and later leaving the Air Force as a Major. “I really enjoyed the experience. You always see things differently. When I was in the military there wasn’t a lot of bureaucracy. It was easy because I could just practice medicine and not worry about all the insurance red tape.”

After her service, she returned home to Weslaco and began working with Dr. Jose Luis Hinojosa in McAllen and later closer to her home with Dr. Julio Lopez in Weslaco. In 2004, she decided to establish her independent practice at the Medical Arts building in Weslaco until she recently opened up her own facility just down the street called the Be Well Clinic.

The Be Well Clinic on sixth street in Weslaco is founded on the bases of promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle. The “Be Well” ideology is essentially a focus on prevention, such as eating better, maintaining a lower carb diet, including more fiber, and of course, daily exercise. Dr. Melecia refers to exercise more commonly as simple “movements” like doing heel-toe raises which can easily be done in the waiting room to see a doctor, a checkout line at the grocery store or even while cooking in your own kitchen.

Dr. Melecia is a firm believer in patient and physician communication. If you are a patient of Dr. Melecia’s, you have access to a portal created by her team, where patients are able to ask any questions they wish about their follow ups, vital charts, medications, and more. The message is sent directly to Dr. Melecia where she is quickly able to relay information back to her patients. Patients are able to speak to Dr. Melecia directly at any time as needed for family health or acute care situations using the portal. Dr. Melecia and her staff are also available after hours at her facility which can reduce patient trips to the ER.

If you have a medical concern that you feel is non-emergent, you are able to call 956-447-8377 to reach a provider 24 hours a day. Many medical issues such as vomiting, fever, sore throat and minor injuries like fractures, cuts or fall assessments can be resolved more conveniently in the office at a much lower cost than in an Emergency Room. Dr. Melecia’s team of providers can quickly assess if the medical issue warrants a trip to the ER and help to smooth that path if necessary.

The Be Well Clinic is open from 7am-9pm Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday noon-five. With extended hours, competent, caring staff, and a positive atmosphere, Dr. Melecia is excited to continue on her journey of medicine by providing excellent medical care to her patients at the Be Well Clinic.

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